Safeguarding Points Training System for Chancery Staff

As you would be aware Safeguarding and the safety of children and adults at risk is everybody’s business. In the Parramatta Diocese we are committed to seeing all staff trained appropriately in understanding:


  1. What safeguarding is
  2. The Child safe Standards,
  3. What child abuse is,
  4. What reportable conduct is and
  5. How to work with people who are at risk for any reason.

The Safeguarding team has developed specific training courses for staff to complete. This is mandatory for all staff engaged/employed by the Parramatta Diocese and is part of the commitment of Parramatta to be a child and adult safe place.

Essentially all courses have a points value and each course is worth 2 points

All managers/leaders because of their leadership role, must complete 10 points (5 courses – 3 compulsory and 2 of their choosing). All other staff must complete 3 compulsory courses to equal 6 points. These points are valid for 2 years (from the completion of your first course).


The compulsory courses that must be completed by all staff are:

  1. Understanding Safeguarding and the Child Safe Standards (module 1 = 2 points)
  2. Understanding Child Abuse and Reportable Conduct (module 2 = 2 points)
  3. Working with adults at risk (module 3= 2 points)


There are multiple ways to complete the courses. You can:

  1. Complete the courses on line only via the Points Build Training Platform
  2. Complete the courses in combination of on-line training via the Training Platform and Zoom
  3. Complete the courses via Zoom
  4. Complete the courses in combination of zoom and face to face
  5. Complete the courses face to face only.


There have been several changes to legislation and policy in the last 2 years that require everyone who is employed in a religious organisation (such as the Chancery) to be informed about Safeguarding, child protection, reportable conduct and working with adults at risk.

Consequently, the Parramatta Diocese requires all staff to comply with the training. This training will be audited against the Child Safe Standards independently within the next 6 months. There will be a target approach to the training to ensure compliance. This will start in August 2021 and run through till the end of October 2021. All staff should have, as a minimum completed the three compulsory modules by then.

Some people may have already completed some of the training when they participated in the pilot programme. The courses that were completed will count to your points total.


Other courses include

  • Working with Families with Domestic Violence
  • Elder Abuse Awareness
  • Protection through Participation: Involving Children in child-safe Practices

You can complete as many courses as you like but you must complete the compulsory courses and if you are a manager, you must complete the three compulsory courses and 2 additional courses.

Safeguarding will be adding to the course list and will respond to course requests as they come up.

Pointsbuild Training portal

The link to the PointsBuild training platform is:

All Safeguarding training questions can be sent through to:

Maria Kervin 
the Community Engagement and Training Officer in the Safeguarding team.

Our aim is to make this training as accessible and as interesting as possible. Together we can make the Safeguarding learning journey as enjoyable and relevant to you as we can.

Thank you