1. Updated Child Protection Legislation - Changes to the Reportable Conduct Scheme and Mandatory Reporting

Are you a member of clergy, religious, employee, volunteer or contractor working with children? From 1 March 2020, new legislation has commenced in NSW that may impact upon you. From 1 March 2020, the Reportable Conduct Scheme will be transferred to the Office of the Children's Guardian from the NSW Ombudsman under the new Children's Guardian Act 2019.

The scheme monitors how organisations investigate and report on certain conduct (known as 'reportable allegations' and 'reportable convictions') made against their employees, volunteers or certain contractors who provide services to children. The scheme will also cover religious bodies, in line with recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission).

Also, on 1 March 2020, amendments to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 will commence to expand mandatory reporter groups and provide greater protection for reporters. These amendments are also in line with recommendations made by the Royal Commission.


2. Integrity in Ministry

This Document serves as a resource for those preparing for ministry in the Catholic Church and as a code of conduct and guide for reflection for those already involved in ministry. It sets out behaviour for clergy and religious to integrate into their day-to-day ministry and serves as check-list against which they can review the quality of the ministerial activities in which they engage.


3. Integrity in the Service of the Church

This Document outlines the principles of conduct for any lay person who performs paid or volunteer work in the service of the Church (Church worker). Church Workers, along with clergy and religious, contribute to the mission of the church. This document deals with the behavioural standards expected of them in their work. This document is for organisations and bodies within the Church to which Church Workers belong. It is also for those who employ, engage, assign, supervise, train or are responsible for Church Workers.


4. Working with Children's Check Notification

This form is to be provided to all relevant paid and volunteer Church Workers. The form needs to be completed with a signature and provided to the Parish Administrator or Parish Secretary. Once this form is filled out completely and signed, it is to be forwarded to the Office of Safeguarding - Diocese of Parramatta for the Working with Children Check Number to be verified. Details are provided on the form. To ensure you meet the criteria for a Working with Children Check please check the Office of Children's Guardian website.


5. Working with Children Check Renewal FAQ Sheet

This document provides the steps required by all relevant Church Workers and Clergy to renew their Working With Children Checks. To ensure you meet the criteria for a Working with Children Check please check the Office of Children's Guardian website.