Domestic Violence

NSW Domestic Violence Helpline – 1800 65 64 63



Adults at risk (vulnerable adults) definition is:

Vulnerable people can include:

people with impaired intellectual or physical functioning

people from a low socio-economic background

people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

people who are not native speakers of the local language

people with low levels of literacy or education

people subject to modern slavery, which involves human exploitation and control, such as forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, and child labour.





Iris Woman

Iris is a supportive, journaling tool for Catholic women, where you can safely record your relationship experiences.

Here you can securely document what is happening for you, for example, do you feel scared or low because of whats happening in your relationship?

As you journal, you may see that patterns of behaviour become apparent. This will help you understand what is happening.

The work you do in this app will help you talk to someone about what you are experiencing.