The latest in our suite of resources to support implementation of the Child Safe Standards is a 2-part resource designed to help identify, manage and mitigate risk of harm.

Risk Management – new resource now available | Office of the Children’s Guardian (


The NSW Child Safe Scheme commenced in February this year and it requires child-related organisations to meet the 10 Child Safe Standards recommended by the Royal Commission. This includes assessing and managing risks of child abuse in an organisation’s different settings.

In the first year of the scheme, we are focusing our efforts on capability building and support. This is because, while some organisations are well-resources and advanced on their child safe journey, there will be many more that are volunteer-based and resource-poor. This is why our training and resources are freely available to anyone working with children and young people.

Part 1: Responding to risk breaks down risk management and the practical steps organisations need to take to create a Child Safe Risk Management Plan. It looks at how risk management fits within the framework of the Child Safe Standards.

Part 2: Identifying risk looks at the different kinds of harm and offenders that exist in child-related settings. Organisations will learn how to identify offending behaviour as well as concerning behaviours that can lead to harm such as grooming.

Download Risk Management Part 1: Responding to risk (PDF)

Download Risk Management Part 2: Identifying risk (PDF)

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