National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (Safeguarding Standards)

On May 30 2019, Catholic Professional Standards Limited (CPSL) published the 10 Safeguarding Standards to provide a framework for each Catholic entity, ministry and organisation across the Catholic Church in Australia to consistently place child safety at the centre of its planning and thinking. It provides a practical framework for the Church, as well as adopting many recommendations from the Royal Commission to the Catholic Church.

Sheree Limbrick, CEO of Catholic Professional Standards Ltd, writes in her article in Eureka Street, “Protecting children and vulnerable adults in an organisational context is multi-faceted and requires active commitment and constant vigilance. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and requires that each individual in an organisation understands why safeguarding is important, how the organisation goes about it, what their individual responsibilities are to act and speak up, and how the organisation will respond when something is raised.”

To view the Safeguarding Standards and CPSL learning and development strategy to assist leaders, please refer to the e CPSL website.

In addition, the Diocese of Parramatta has been actively engaging with stakeholders to plan for the implementation of the National Standards in all aspects of our work and Ministry. The approach being taken by the Diocese reflects our understanding that safeguarding children and vulnerable people requires a holistic approach and demonstrates our response as a community of people called to action in caring for the vulnerable.