A sacred space of spiritual healing for those who have suffered church abuse in Australia.

The avenues of spiritual healing for survivors of clergy abuse are scarce in Australia. The need for a dedicated Sacred Space and Garden for survivors of church abuse to be used for personal and communal prayer has been a vision of St Peter’s Mintaro in South Australia. Their vision has been to transform their grounds and church into a scared space that will promote spiritual healing

St Peter’s Sacred Space plans to offer a safe space which includes pastoral care, spiritual companionship, and a healing guardian for survivors and their families. The Healing Guardian at St Peter’s Mintaro will be based on the Healing Guardian of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, which is a space that invites reconciliation, hope and healing for survivors of church abuse and their families.

St Peter’s Mintaro ground will not be used for formal services but will be seen as a pilgrimage destination for survivors and supporters to bring their stories and leave them in God’s hands. One area of the garden is designated as a memorial site for those who took their lives in the wake of the harm they suffered and symbols of a lost loved one can be placed there.

The Sacred Space will be ministered by Jean and Joe Johns, both retired military chaplains, who were on active service in the Middle East of Operations and are seeking to provide spiritual companionship to those who visit.